Shed Roof Repair & Replacement

At Shed Repair Experts we offer total shingle replacement along with all types of shed repairs in central PA. With a shingle replacement, the shed can last another lifetime. We can also replace the shingles with metal roof. We can also repair doors, siding, and much more! If you’d like a quote, feel free to give us a call!

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weatherwood shingles for shed garage
dual brown shingles for shed garage
Dual Brown
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Charcoal Gray
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Dual Black

Shingle Replacement Shed Colors

Discover the perfect shingle color to enhance your shed! Explore our selection and find the color to match your style and needs. Call today for a beautiful, durable roof!

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Transform Your Shed with Top-Quality Replacement Roofs

See the difference in shed replacements and repair with our top-quality replacement roofs. Upgrade your shed with durable, stylish options that provide lasting protection. Call us for a quote today!

Why Choose Shed Repair Experts?


We’ve been in the shed business for over 20 years. With experience in building sheds and repairing them, we know what we’re doing and we love it!


Shed Repair Experts is a small family-owned business that is focused on providing honest and top-quality custom service and shed repair. 


Why purchase a brand new shed when you could just repair the one you have at a fraction of the price? Repairing your shed will save you time and money!

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Other Shed Repair Options

If you need your shed to be completely redone, we’re ready to work with you! Save yourself time, money, and headaches, by simply redoing your shed rather than investing in a whole new one. We don’t just specialize in replacement shed roofs– we take care of completely redoing every part of your shed!

Our Shed Roof Projects

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Wood Shed Doors

Shop For Our Wood and Fiberglass Shed Doors To Go With Your Shed Roof!

Explore our range of replacement shed doors to find the perfect match for your shed’s style and needs. Enhance your shed’s appearance and functionality with durable, weather-resistant options. Call us for pricing to get started!